Specific programs are available for augmentative communication and feeding

  • Augmentative Communication

    • Training for parent programming 

    • We can help you identify the best device and provide support during the acquisition process.

  • Feeding

    • We use the SOS method for all of our feeding programs. 

    • All our feeding programs are provided in your home or school.

Speech therapy sessions are one hour and held either in the home or the community

  • ​We will meet with you to discuss what location(s) are most appropriate to meet the therapy needs of your child.​

  • Community locations of restaurants, stores, the library, or parks are favorites for outings to practice positive behaviors and communication skills.

  • Other community locations are daycare, camp or sports teams.  We often deliver therapy services in these environments.  Please note that we must have the permission of the facility to provide services in these locations and activities. 

Speech and Language Therapy

To learn more about our speech therapy

T​he therapy plan is made to meet the unique and specific needs of your child.

  • An informal assessment of your child's likes, dislikes, personality, communication and learning style is completed by the SLP during the first session.

    • building a relationship with your child, understanding them as a person and giving them an opportunity to trust the therapists is a critical element of a successful therapy plan.  

  • Formal assessments will be completed to identify specific goals and target areas. 

Therapy plans include any combination of these focus areas

  • basic communication skills

  • articulation

  • receptive

  • pragmatics

  • augmentative communication

    • devices

    • communication apps

    • sign language 

    • PECS 

    • spelling for written messages

  • play and social interactions 

  • reading and writing 

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