ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)

Our ABA programs are created to be dynamic programs that include the child, family and the therapists.  Programs integrate skill building in structured and natural settings, parent training, practice opportunities and real time behavior interventions to create a learning platform that leads to generalization.  Learning a skill is necessary but being able to perform the skill when required in every day events is critical.  

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Immediate availability in Naperville, Aurora and surrounding communities.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language therapy programs are created to be multi-dimensional programs that integrate tangible language (words, pictures, devices) with non-tangible language (speech, signs, gestures).  Programs include relevant focus areas and follow a progression of skill building, practice, precision and socialization. Communication is a social act; it is meant to be shared and understood by others.

Consulting Services

We provide speech and behavioral consulting services to schools, day cares and families. Programs are created to meet the needs of the client by offering both short term and long term services.  We are also available for speaking events on a variety of topics within our areas of expertise.  Please contact us at (815) 630-2220 to discuss your needs.

Our Services

Parent Education

Our parent education programs are created to help you learn about your child's learning styles, communication and behavior. Teaching you how to coach your child through daily challenges and life milestones.  The program is intended to give you the tools to shape positive change in your child while allowing you to remain in the role of a parent. The relationship of the parent and child is critical to the development of any child and the program is created to strengthen that relationship. 

Monarch Autism Therapy Services