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Parent Education programs can be part of an ABA program or stand alone programs.

  • Parent Education is always a part of our ABA programs.

  • Some families may not need a full ABA program but are facing a particular challenge that requires objective feedback and problem solving.

  • Short term and long term parent education programs are created based on the needs of the families.

Sessions take place in your home with your whole family.

  • A typical session includes:

    • talking with parents about current concerns and challenges and goals; what is and how would they like it to be

    • a family activity that most closely resembles end goal

    • problem solving and developing strategies with parents and other family members

    • identifying skill of the week to work on

    • role play and practice with the skill of the week

  • Sessions are typically 2 hours long.

  • Frequency of sessions is based on each family's needs.

Parent Education

Learn how to become your child's coach.

  • Individualized programs created based on the qualities and strengths of each parent.

  • Learn ways to maximize the strengths of each parent to coach your child through challenges in routines and new events.

  • Teaching parents strategies for creating a safe and encouraging environment to address a variety of challenges:

    • following directions/listening to parents

    • socializing with friends and family

    • productive play and leisure skills

    • adapting to a significant change (move, new school)

    • daily coping skills

    • addressing aggressive and/or explosive behaviors

    • increasing communication

    • augmentative communication training

    • daily living skills

    • toilet training

    • bedtime/sleeping routines

    • mealtime behaviors

    • community integration