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Julie Martin,CCC-SLP/L, BCBA

Julie Martin is a Speech Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, specializing in the area of autism for more than 15 years.  Julie has been combining her knowledge of both fields; behavior and communication to help individuals with autism succeed and excel through everyday life.  She has created therapeutic programs and provided therapy in both school and private clinic settings. She has been a featured speaker at a variety of venues discussing topics for parents, professionals and individuals with autism.

The MONARCH butterfly is a symbol of HOPE

Its transformation from a caterpillar moving across the earth to a butterfly soaring in the sky provides hope in change, new beginnings and beautiful transformations.  The butterfly's ability to soar 11,000 feet in the air is unrivaled by any other winged creature - making its transformation not only beautiful but powerful.  The subtle flapping of the butterfly wings has been studied to determine its effect on weather patterns (butterfly effect) indicating that small changes can make significant differences. 

Craig Martin, MBA

Craig Martin  specializes in the area of autism and health care.  He has expertise in finance, human resources, information technology and insurance. Craig uses his knowledge to build strong business foundations allowing therapists to thrive in the work environment and stay focused on providing quality services.  With his knowledge of insurance he has helped hundreds of families understand and successfully navigate through the intricacies of insurance. 

Aba Behavior Therapy

About Us​​

Monarch Autism Therapy Services was created by Craig and Julie Martin.  Their mission is to build opportunities, hope and community for individuals with autism, parents and professionals  providing ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)  therapy, speech therapy, parent education and consulting services in Chicagoland communities. Craig and Julie have successfully combined their knowledge of resources and therapeutic solutions to help hundreds of families. They are dedicated to providing "real life" solutions to individuals and families in the autism community.   aba in Joliet, speech and language therapy in Joliet(Monarch Autism Therapy Services aba, aba behavior therapy, and applied behavior analysis